1. disorganization:

    R.I.P., Frankie, we miss you


  2. Big Room Parody


  3. New Track! Funky French Filter House! Enjoy!


  4. Work in progress.


  5. Just want to say Merry Christmas to everyone! Hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow! :)


  6. The House track I promised is still in the works. In the mean time, here’s something for the hardcore ravers out there! A bit of totally new UK Hardcore! This one is called The Horror! Enjoy!


  7. Hey everyone! I haven’t said or done anything in a while, so I just thought I’d let you all know that I now finally have a new house track in the making. Going for a slightly more deep-ish style with this one. It’s only in its early stages at the moment, but I’ll keep you posted! Have a fun weekend!



  10. With Christmas approaching fast I hope everyone has a wonderful time! Merry Christmas!